Who we are

We are on a mission to be the influential change in the digital face of your businesses.

Let us help your ugly duckling transform into a magnificent and strong swan gliding smoothly and empowering your business.

The Team

Nate Swanstrom

Nate started this company to serve medium & smaller companies, as Digital has already shown such a strong result in gathering new clients and increasing sales in huge Fortune 100 corporations.
With the newest technologies he learned in the last 22 years, he has led Digital and Marketing teams at large Companies and decided it was his and others experiences that can now help ALL companies, not just the massive organizations with tons of money. Fast, top-quality, and good pricing sets the company from any other website design option.

That is goSwanny.com.

Tatyana Butkova
Creative Design & Client Experience

Tatyana, Creative and Client Design

Tatyana Butkova, creative leader in the team. Her determination for a deep understanding of clients’ business and style of relationship with clients’ partners and target audience produces design solutions that demonstrate the very core of the clients’ business, setting them apart from the competition.

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Edina, MN